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Zomebuild allows you to build virtual Zometool™ models, fast and easy, using only your mobile device.

With it, you can explore the beauty of the regular polihedra, like icosahedron and dodecahedron, build projections of 4-dimension models, or just have fun and build whatever geometric model you like!


  • create, save and edit Zometool models
  • use blue, yellow and red struts for construction
  • freely analyse the model in a 3D environment

There is a free demo version available also, with the same features, but which does not let you save model files.

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The original Zometool™ system is a construction set which lets you build models of many complex polyhedra. It consist of small connector nodes and struts of various colors and lengths. The connector nodes are small rhombicosidodecahedrons, with small holes on each face. The ends of the struts are designed to fit in the holes of the connector nodes, allowing for syntheses of a variety of structures. For more details, visit the official company site: http://www.zometool.com/.

Zomebuild is not created or supported by Zometool Inc.